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Case Study: Alliance Data Corporate Responsibility and Reporting Support

06 January 2017

Ongoing sustainability support for Alliance Data - download our case study here


Client’s objectives

When we began working with Alliance Data in 2012, they were looking to ramp up their Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting and business integration efforts to better meet, and exceed, the growing expectations of their clients, investors and associates, especially as they moved into the S&P 500 Index. They also wanted to be more strategic – identifying and capitalizing on the business value of sustainability. Alliance Data and its businesses comprise North America’s largest, most comprehensive provider of transaction-based, data-driven marketing and loyalty solutions.

The projects

Since 2012, we have supported Alliance Data in the development of their CR strategy and reporting activities. This has included everything from initial development of their CR strategy and focus areas, engaging internal stakeholders to develop the outline and storyboard for each report, data collection, goal setting, implementation of a CR data management system, development of their annual GHG Inventories, and more.

Currently, Anthesis is supporting Alliance Data in a refresh of their materiality assessment with a broader outreach campaign targeting external stakeholders. The outcomes of the materiality assessment will help validate their existing CR strategy and focus, identify risks and opportunities, and inform their strategic planning process.

In addition to completing project-specific work, Anthesis regularly advises Alliance Data on a variety of sustainability issues as they arise (including energy management, science-based target setting, associate engagement campaigns, CDP and other sustainability rating schemes).

Key services delivered

  • Assistance in setting three-year CR goals

  • Annual CR report development from 2013 - 2016 (using the GRI G4 reporting framework)

  • Implementation of CR data management tool (in partnership with thinkstep and their SoFi software)

  • Materiality assessments in 2012 and 2016

  • External stakeholder perception audit and internal associate engagement campaigns

Key project outputs

  • Prioritized focus areas for CR strategy, and established a performance baseline
  • Set multi-year CR goals and helped measure, manage and communicate performance against those goals
  • Implemented the SoFi software platform for streamlined data collection and GRI/CDP disclosure
  • An annual CR Report which transparently communicates their CR strategy, progress and challenges in an engaging format

Project impacts

  • Formalization of the goal setting, performance tracking and improvement process
  • More proactive management of key issues
  • Increased efficiency responding to stakeholder requests for CR information
  • Enhanced credibility and reputation with key stakeholders – associates, customers, investors and analysts
  • Identified synergies among other departments and business functions internally
  • Improved data quality
  • Alliance Data has been awarded first place in PR Daily’s 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards in the category “One time/Annual Report’

What our client said

“Anthesis has acted as an extension of our internal team – effectively guiding us throughout our sustainability journey, taking into account our unique business drivers, company culture, goals and objectives. Their expertise and partnership have been instrumental to our ongoing progress” - Dana Beckman, Director - Corporate Affairs, Alliance Data

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