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Anthesis Group Service Overview Brochure

06 January 2017


Pronunciation: an-thee-sis

Noun: BOTANY; the flowering period of a plant, from the opening of the flower bud.

Anthesis is a specialist global sustainability services and solutions provider founded on the belief that sustainable business practices are at the heart of long-term commercial success.

We develop value-driven sustainability strategy which is underpinned by technical experience and delivered by innovative, collaborative teams across the world. We not only develop solutions for clients, but act as a delivery partner too.

We combine the reach of big consultancies with the deep expertise of our practice leaders from across the globe.


COMMERCIAL RELEVANCE - Designing and delivering the outcomes you need to boost your business performance. Driving environmental, economic and social change by creating shared value; giving you a sustainable return on investment.

TECHNICAL DEPTH + EXPERIENCE - Managing your data and helping you make evidence-based business decisions; providing cutting-edge solutions at scale. Benchmarking your performance today and helping you visualize a better tomorrow.

SPECIALIST + GLOBAL SERVICE - Wherever you are on your journey towards sustainability, innovating and collaborating to support you today and move you forward. Wherever you need us, providing passionate, creative and committed teams who proudly offer exceptional client care.


“The challenge with this type of project [materiality assessment] is to find the right partner that instinctively understands what is needed, and can deliver efficiently against the project brief. Anthesis’ way of working and communicating enabled us to execute the project on time, on budget, and to an excellent standard”

Julian Lings, Sustainability Manager, The North Face

“Responding to CDP, and working with Anthesis to identify where we can make carbon emission reductions year-over-year, has been a cornerstone of our sustainability program. We are very proud to have received one of the highest program scores in 2013; it’s a testament to the work of our sustainability committee, our employees, and the help we’ve received from Anthesis. Most of the things we do either end up breaking even, or making us money back. It’s really amazing to see what we’ve been able to accomplish, and we’re excited to see what more we can do.”

Jim Raterink, Co-owner and sustainability champion, Neal Mast & Son

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