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Case Study: Automobile Parts Manufacturer Environmental Due Diligence Assessment

20 September 2016

Environmental due diligence assessment for an automobile parts manufacturer - download our case study here


Client’s objectives

The client was looking to expand further into the global markets by undertaking a strategic acquisition of an automotive supplier and manufacturing business with an established global spread. The aim of the environmental due diligence assessment was to support the bidding process by highlighting the potential environmental liabilities and associated costs associated with the sites and their activities prior to purchase.

The project

Anthesis was responsible for undertaking a pre-acquisition Environmental Due Diligence Assessment (EDD) for a global portfolio of 12 automotive manufacturing sites. After completion of an initial desktop phase a number of high risk individual sites were followed up with a site visit.

Key services delivered

  • A desk top based EDD assessment was undertaken for the portfolio of 12 manufacturing sites located in Europe, South America and China.
  • An initial desktop based red ag report was developed to identify significant environmental risks and liabilities relating the sites and its operations.
  • Identification of potential high risk sites within the portfolio.
  • Follow up site visits were then undertaken at the high risk sites to further clarify the potential environmental risks and liabilities identified
  • Pre-acquisition EDD reporting was completed highlighting the potential environmental risks, liabilities and associated costs across the portfolio of sites and their operations.
  • Detailed recommendations and costs associated with environmental issues identified were provided to support the proposed purchase.

Key project outputs

  • Historical contaminated land liabilities were found with complex associated responsibilities needing clarity and management to ensure that the clients’ risks could be fully assessed within the proposed purchase agreements.
  • The assessment helped to highlight the potential environmental liabilities and associated costs prior to purchase to assist with the bidding process.

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