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Case Study: BDR Thermea CSR Strategy Development and Implementation

22 February 2017

BDR Thermea: CSR strategy development and implementation - download our case study here


Client’s objectives

BDR Thermea are an international manufacturing group that is owned by a foundation trust. In 2014, they engaged Anthesis to develop a CSR strategy that reflected and underpinned their business values and goals. They required support to implement the strategy by engaging internal stakeholders and facilitating a team from across the group, and to develop a communications strategy, including supporting the publishing of their first sustainability report in 2015.

Now that the strategy is established, BDR Thermea continue to use Anthesis to engage the organization in its implementation, and to provide expert advice and knowledge to facilitate the realization of the agreed objectives and goals.

The project

Anthesis began working with BDR Thermea to develop and implement their CSR strategy, and provide continued support in driving their sustainability ambitions forward. This initially involved mapping business and stakeholder drivers, and establishing and facilitating a team of CSR “Ambassadors” drawn from across the group’s businesses. Working with this multi-disciplinary team through regular meetings and workshops, and with senior group executives, Anthesis helped establish the group’s CSR strategy and sustainability framework.

Our team helped to develop a branding for this strategy, called “Better Together”, and to define clear and measurable objectives and goals aligned with business priorities for the group’s products, supply chain, people and company. Anthesis supported the development of BDR Thermea’s CSR communication strategy and first published CSR report in 2015, and continue to support their ongoing communication and annual reporting.

Anthesis has also supported the group with insight and expertise across the key areas of sustainability. This has included product lifecycle assessments, stakeholder engagement, and learning workshops involving guest speakers from leaders in sustainability.

This relationship will continue to evolve with several new exciting initiatives to be commenced in the coming months.

Key services delivered

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Strategy development and implementation support

  • Provide support to a group-wide CSR team, including facilitation and training

  • CSR reporting and communications

  • Expert advice and knowledge input

Key project outputs

BDR Thermea now has a clear CSR and sustainability strategy and framework that has been endorsed by senior management, with objectives and goals that are aligned to business priorities. This is contributing to achievements in group and operating activities against the 4 pillars of the Better Together strategy – Better Products, Better Supply Chain, Better People, and Better Company.

What our client said

“Anthesis has been an integral part of our sustainability journey and have provided us with continuous guidance and support. Their structured approach – from developing our first strategic framework to engagement across our Ambassador network, has helped make sustainability central to business decisions and operations. Their knowhow and best-practice expertise across multiple sectors have ensured high quality outcomes and remain key in allowing us to realize the Group’s sustainability ambitions.” - José Antonio Perez, Group Marketing Manager, BDR Thermea


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