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Case Study: City of Stockholm Inland Waters Valuation

12 April 2017

Valuation of inland waters in Stockholm - download our case study here


Client’s objectives

The Swedish capital is internationally well-known for its waters, and the City of Stockholm’s Environment and Health Administration wanted to understand the economic value of achieving good water quality in all inland waters in the city, as defined by the EU Water Framework Directive. The client was also interested in the relationship between the costs of necessary measures to reach good water quality, and the resulting benefits. Anthesis Enveco were engaged to provide a monetary valuation of all benefits associated with these waters.

The project

Anthesis Enveco carried out a large scale, web-based survey targeted at the general public of Stockholm. The survey informed participants of the current environmental status of the city’s inland waters, and asked what they would be willing to pay to achieve good water quality status. From this, we used established valuation methodology to estimate the monetary benefits of improving water quality, versus the costs of the interventions needed to achieve it.

Key services delivered

  • Design and implementation of a survey study

  • Economic valuation of natural capital and ecosystem services

  • Cost benefit analysis

  • Policy support

Key project outputs

The results of the monetary valuation were delivered via an in-depth report, and presented to the client in a seminar in February 2017.

The survey revealed that the general public are concerned about the inland water quality and believe they are partly responsible for protecting it, and appreciate the positive impact it has on wellbeing.

Our calculations estimated that the total economic value of reaching good water quality in all the waters of Stockholm is SEK 2.5 – 2.8 billion (£230-260m), while the cost of necessary measures to achieve this is estimated to be SEK 1 billion (£92m). Given that the benefits are significantly greater that the costs, there are strong indications that these measures will be socio-economically profitable.

Project impacts

The work has already garnered media attention in Sweden as well as considerable attention from other branches of local government and adjacent municipalities. 

What our clients said

“Knowledge of benefits, costs and effects are crucial elements in the process of developing local programmes of measures in order to reach good ecological and chemical status. The project carried out by Anthesis Enveco has therefore been an important part in implementing the action plan for good water status in all waterbodies of the City of Stockholm.” - Juha Salonsaari, Project Leader with the client City of Stockholm

“It is very pleasing and confirms our conviction that our waters are immensely valuable to the people of Stockholm and that they are ready to take responsibility for them.” - Katarina Luhr, Vice Mayor of Environment in Stockholm, City of Stockholm

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