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Case Study: Steadman's BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Certification

21 April 2017

Preparing Steadman’s for BES 6001 responsible sourcing certification and beyond - download our case study here


Client’s objectives

A. Steadman and Son (Steadman’s), part of the leading specialist building distributor SIG Trading Ltd, is a major supplier of steel cladding and roofing to the construction and agricultural industries. With the focus on responsible sourcing gaining momentum in the construction sector, our client wanted to be able to assure their customers that Steadman’s are sourcing their materials responsibly – from social, ethical and environmental perspectives.

The project

Anthesis was engaged by Steadman’s to support them on their journey to achieve BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing certification, a standard which would complement their existing quality systems.

Anthesis conducted a site visit to the Steadman’s site in Carlisle, Cumbria to undertake a gap analysis. This ‘mock’ site audit identified the level of readiness for a formal BES 6001 audit, as well as areas where additional evidence of responsible sourcing would be required. Following implementation of our recommendations, our certification partner Intertek, a trusted provider of quality and safety services for leading brands and companies, independently audited Steadman’s responsible sourcing operations according to BES 6001.

Key services delivered

  • BES 6001 gap analysis.
  • Site visit and mock audit.
  • Recommendations to maximize BES 6001 responsible sourcing score.
  • Recommendations for improvement opportunities beyond of BES 6001, to formalize and improve Steadman’s approach, processes and procedures around issues such as procurement practices, supply chain, transport emissions, life cycle assessment, and engagement with local communities.
  • Trusted advisor and guidance role throughout the whole certification process.

Key project outputs

The findings of our investigation were delivered to the client in a presentation and a short report with some accompanying materials. The emphasis of all deliverables was on giving Steadman’s practical implementation guidance and hands-on information which would help them fine tune their responsible sourcing activities, not just for the purposes of passing the BES 6001 audit, but to enable Steadman’s to make operational efficiencies which will ultimately contribute to their overall business objectives.

Project impacts

Within two months of contracting Anthesis, Steadman’s were audited by Intertek and successfully achieved a ‘Good’ rating in BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing certification, a score which recognized that the company is excelling in particular assessment areas. Their certification scope covers the three main product categories Steadman’s produces: galvanized products, composite panels and pre-paint steel products.

The company is now approaching their supply chain sustainability program as an integrated process, and has established connectivity and efficiencies across the teams who collect sourcing data, with ambitious improvement plans in place to build on their current score in future years. By going beyond the basic scope of BES 6001 requirements, Steadman’s is considering a broader portfolio of business resilience issues, e.g. upcoming supply chain risks, and giving their organization a higher level of differentiation in the marketplace.

See Steadman’s responsible sourcing certification here.

What our client said

“The challenge with this type of project is finding the right advisory partner that instinctively understands what is needed, understand our business, and can deliver efficiently against the project brief. Anthesis’ way of working and communicating enabled us to execute the project on time, on budget, and to an excellent standard.” - Heinrich Jonker, Quality Systems Manager, SIG Building Solutions

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