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Chemical Management and Compliance Services for your Supply Chain - PDF Guide

20 June 2017

There are approximately 100,000–200,000 different chemical substances (including polymers) traded between businesses and in our everyday products. Around 200 of these have already been identified by global regulatory schemes as Substances of Concern; in the next 10 years, this figure will likely rise to 2,000. Most organizations buy chemicals – either directly or within products – and so it is crucial to understand your compliance responsibilities and the associated risks of non-compliance.

Transparency around chemicals in supply chains is a significant challenge and, if you deal with products in different jurisdictions, this can be made more challenging still due to different prioritizations and timescales. Anthesis has over 15 years’ experience in offering a wide range of chemical management services and solutions to support organizations working across the globe.

Our approach and services

Our approach is based on deep subject matter expertise with a combination of industry and government experience to implement approaches that deliver meaningful and lasting environmental, social, and economic benefits.

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Targeted substance support

  • Sustainable procurement, green chemistry, chemical management and green claims

  • Forming and managing international Consortia and Task Forces

  • Working in accordance with the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols

  • Advising on waste management practices related to disposing hazardous chemicals

Our experience

We have over 15 years’ international experience in the chemical management services outlined, and a reputation for finding common ground among stakeholders within consortia. Our clients include: Alkanolamine Borates, Resorcinol and ATC REACH consortia, and a range of corporate, non-governmental and government organizations.

Case study: Target’s chemical management policy

Anthesis assisted Target with the development of a comprehensive retail chemical strategy that includes not only the products on store shelves, but goes beyond to address the entire value chain and operations. The policy drives transparency, proactive chemical management and innovation across all of Target’s owned and national brand consumer products, supply chain manufacturing processes and within its in-store operations. We also worked with Target to develop category specific, time bound and measurable goals. 

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