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Chemical Management - Watch the Webinar Recording

17 October 2017

Chemical management is a systematic approach to managing the use of chemicals, hazardous or otherwise, in a business’ supply chain and/or product(s). Chemical management has historically been shaped by regulatory requirements, but increasingly, consumer awareness and NGO’s are driving the need for more comprehensive strategies to reduce risk and protect the bottom line. 

The most effective approach to managing chemicals can vary based on the business industry sector, business size, and type of products. One size does not fit all. The most important aspect of a chemical management program is to take a proactive approach in developing a strategy unique to your products and supply chain and communicate the information effectively.

This webinar recording features:

  • The basic overview of chemical management 
  • Drivers for chemical management beyond compliance requirements 
  • Why a chemical management strategy makes good business sense 
  • Key policy components which are important across all industry sectors 
  • Strategies to effectively reduce and/or remove chemicals from products or the supply chain 




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