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Case Study: Global Manufacturer Groundwater Contamination Investigations and Remediation

13 September 2016

Groundwater contamination investigations and remediation - download our case study here


The project

Anthesis was commissioned by the client to undertake further investigations and develop a remediation concept to clean up the contamination for a previous manufacturing site.

The site has a long industrial history dating back to 1933 when it was first brought into operation for the manufacture of hydraulic brakes and cooling system for the automobile industry. Historical operations led to chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination of the groundwater on site.

Key services delivered

  • Intensive historical research to understand the site history, as well as the investigations already completed on the site since the 1980s.
  • Highlighting specific data gaps and potential risks for the client where the contamination plume had not yet been fully delineated.
  • Liaison with the regulators in regards to expectations and requirements.
  • Undertaking delineation investigations, including detailed groundwater analysis and recommendations for the next stages of work towards a remediation concept.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of potential remediation methods that could be used on the site to support decisions on the remedial plans going forward.
  • Presentation of suggested methods to the regulators and discussions on their preferences, followed by adaptation of approach, taking further regulatory concerns into account.
  • Continual liaison with relevant stakeholders to progress works forward.

Project outputs

Investigations are currently ongoing with the aim to develop a remediation concept following the delineation exercise. We then plan to remediate the site in a cost efficient way for the client to allow further redevelopment with fewer constraints.

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