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Corporate Renewable Energy Strategies: Enter the ‘Impact’ theme

25 October 2017

VERGE is the conference where more than 2,000 global leaders convene to explore the latest technologies, tools and trends accelerating the clean economy.

Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) is helping grow large buyer demand for renewable power and helping utilities and others meet it.

During an exciting and optimistic week in September, which saw renewable energy take center stage at both the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) and VERGE conferences, it was encouraging to see the increase in activity and attendance, with companies at all stages of the renewable energy journey looking to move the needle.

There was a host of takeaways from both events, but this blog focuses on four key areas, all relevant to the theme of ‘impact’, where we see a clear evolution in thinking over the previous year:

  1. Getting back to basics – reducing emissions
  2. What it means to be proactive
  3. Measuring more of the benefits
  4. Broadening the scope to the value chain

Corporate engagement in renewable energy has increased significantly over the past year and we're starting to see companies of all sizes, and from many sectors, entering the conversation.

With this increased engagement, alongside an increasing number of ways for companies to positively engage, the landscape is evolving from a relatively singular model focused on the big brands / consumers, to a more diverse and nuanced landscape, with increased awareness that each individual company has a unique set of opportunities and challenges that need to be understood when devising its particular strategy.

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