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EDGE – Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies - PDF Guide

07 December 2017

What is EDGE?

EDGE certification rewards developers who implement strategies to reduce energy and water use in their buildings, as well as embodied energy in materials.

Whether designing affordable homes or high-end apartments, hotels or resorts, office buildings, hospitals or retail establishments, EDGE encourages sustainable architecture.

For a building to achieve EDGE certification it must demonstrate a minimum 20% efficiency saving in energy, water and embodied carbon, as compared to a base case. As EDGE consultants we are equipped to support you in achieving certification.

In order to determine the most cost-effective options for a building’s resource-efficient design, EDGE offers a free online platform which allows a user to review and select the measures required to meet a 20% efficiency saving. The online platform also calculates carbon and utility bill savings, as well as payback periods for implementing those measures.

EDGE certification includes a preliminary certificate at the end of the design audit, and final certification after a construction audit. The preliminary certificate can be used to develop a value proposition for customers who wish to own, rent or work in a green building.

Download the full copy of our EDGE guide

Why choose EDGE?

EDGE is a measurable way for construction professionals to design for and demonstrate high-environmental performance in their buildings. This reduces investor risk, attracts customers and makes a CSR statement of corporate excellence and environmental responsibility.

EDGE has been brought to market by the IFC and is specifically targeted at more than 130 countries which are eligible for World Bank funding. These countries tend to be developing markets where investors are attracted to the rapid construction activity and buildings which demonstrate high environmental efficiency.

Being able to quantify how practical measures can be implemented while providing carbon and cost saving figures to support the business case provides a powerful tool for achieving green design, build and operation.

How we can help

We are proud to be the first - and only - UK based team of EDGE experts. As qualified advisors, we support clients during the pre-construction design phase.

Alongside the EDGE online platform, our global team of efficiency experts can advise manufacturers, developers, contractors, investors, and estate owners on measures and interventions to achieve a 20% efficiency improvement.

Using projected performance we can calculate the cost of your project going green for a uniquely measurable approach. With our expertise and proven track record, you will benefit from location specific sustainability advice that is affordable, fast, simple and pragmatic, to the level of your ambition.

We can also:

  • quantify the energy, carbon, water and cost savings during the design audit
  • confirm those quantities in the construction audit and
  • if desired, monitor the performance of the building on an ongoing basis.

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