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Energy and Waste Due Diligence - PDF Guide

15 April 2016

Are you looking for opportunities in renewable energy and waste infrastructure?

The move from landfill disposal to resource recovery means there are win-win-win-win outcomes to be had: less waste disposal, more renewable energy and secondary materials, reduced carbon emissions - and a return on your investment.

But how can you tell if it is a good investment in a competitive market driven by regulatory changes and if your plans will produce the capital returns you expect?

Our team of dedicated specialists can help you evaluate opportunities in the sector and support your plans with efficient logistics and appropriate infrastructure.

Contact us for market evaluations, feedstock assessments and commercial due diligence for new infrastructure investments, expansions and refinancing or acquisition of existing plants. We offer valuable support to future-proof your investment decisions and evaluate existing and future risks.

Why choose Anthesis?

We have:

  • Operational, regulatory, commercial and technical know-how to identify and evaluate commercial opportunities and risks
  • A team that has over 55 years of experience, supported by an international industry experienced board
  • In-depth experience of waste feedstock processes, product outlets and market trends
  • Solutions for reducing waste, recycling and behaviour change
  • Detailed knowledge of the quality and quantity requirements for resources reentering the supply chain
  • Extensive data sets and primary research support our scenario modelling and forecasting

Our energy and waste due diligence services

We provide:

  • Waste and renewable energy market analysis and peer reviews
  • Scenario development for financial modelling and investment case assessments
  • Independent review of waste/biomass technology options, policy review
  • Training and workshops on waste technologies, regulations, policies and strategies
  • Life cycle thinking and supply chain analysis
  • Gate fee analysis and market pricing forecasts Commercial due diligence: Renewable energy and waste projects
  • Carbon, resource and energy efficiency evaluation and reporting
  • Identification and short listing of potentially viable infrastructure projects, applying an inhouse opportunity search tool utilising GIS mapping and modelling for AD/IVC, MRF and thermal plants
  • Site selection and facility development
  • Feedstock availability, output market, competitor evaluation and capacity needs assessments
  • Technology optioneering and integration
  • Project feasibility studies & business case development

Download of feedstock due diligence PDF guide:


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