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Case Study: Former Foundry Closure and Decommission

20 September 2016

Closure and decommissioning of a former foundry - download our case study here


The project

Anthesis supported the client through the process of decommissioning a previous cast iron foundry as required by the local authority. Our client had leased an area of their site for the foundry, but in 2012 the company operating the facility encountered bankruptcy. The facility required decommissioning due to heavy contamination and dust.

Key services delivered

  • An initial environmental assessment was undertaken to determine environmental risks associated with the facility.
  • Both desktop research and site visits took place to determine site characteristics, sensitivity and potential environmental risks associated with the sites activities.
  • Following on from the initial phase of non intrusive investigations, a comprehensive survey of building contaminants, dust, soil and groundwater investigations were undertaken. This included more intrusive exploration, sampling and analysis of building materials, soil and groundwater.
  • Management of the tendering process for the decontamination works.
  • Monitoring and management of the decontamination works on site through to completion, including close liaison with the local authorities.
  • Delineation investigations, remediation design and management of a heating oil contamination hot spot in the soil and groundwater, including follow on sampling and monitoring of groundwater wells surrounding the contamination areas

Key project outputs

  • Results of the investigation indicated the types and expected quantities of contaminated building materials, including associated dust that was present in the facility.
  • An area of soil and groundwater heating oil contamination was found close to some underground former storage tanks that was subsequently remediated.
  • The information obtained during these investigations helped us to develop the concept through a tendering process for decontamination, decommissioning and demolition of the foundry on behalf of the client.
  • Contamination within the soil groundwater had not migrated off the site or into the surrounding surface water features.

Project impacts

The support provided by Anthesis throughout the decommissioning of the foundry limited contaminated dust emissions, enabled appropriate treatment and disposal of contaminated materials, and allowed for the site to be successfully decommissioned ready for redevelopment.

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