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Case Study: Housing & Care 21 Network Upgrades for Reliable and Cost Effective Heating

02 October 2018

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Client’s objectives

Housing & Care 21 are a leading provider of retirement housing and care services for older people. They wanted to optimize performance and build resilience across their systems. Their objectives were cost savings, reliability and the provision of comfort for residents.

The Project

The analysis, design and specification of optimal heating and hot water systems. Followed by procurement and technical installation support.

Key services delivered

Many boiler rooms had reached the end of their life and were unreliable and costly to maintain. In addition, a number of new build properties had unexpected and unwelcome performance gaps in energy usage, heat delivery and maintenance costs.

Anthesis surveyed the entire boiler network, working backwards to the plant, to identify opportunities to improve the system. We provided the optimal design for upgrades. For the new build sites Anthesis adopted a consultative approach, engaging with the users and operators of the network, to identify the cause of the issues. Coupled with detailed data analysis, we were able to provide recommendations to improve performance and reliability.

We also produced a new build specification to ensure the lessons learned allowed the design of future projects to be optimized. Though the procurement process, we reviewed tender submissions and recommended contractors. We provided technical support to the contractor throughout the installation.

Project impacts

  • We provided support at over 100 sites, achieving over £35,000 Energy Company Obligation funding to support the works
  • Sites now have more efficient and resilient heating and hot water systems, improving Housing & Care 21’s capacity to provide consistent comfort to its vunerable residents
  • Ongoing work is set to optimize heating system performance and reduce operation and maintenance costs

Client feedback

“Anthesis have provided practical and sound assistance, support and advice to deliver real-world technical solutions from inception to completion”

Tim Ingram
Property Improvement Manager
Housing & Care 21

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