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Identifying ESG Risks Using RiskHorizon™ - PDF Guide

19 October 2017

What is RiskHorizon™?

RiskHorizon™, designed and developed by Anthesis, is a purpose made tool for use in the investment due diligence process. It is specifically aimed at helping legal advisors, investors, finance professionals and deal makers identify the material ESG risks and opportunities at an early stage of the deal cycle and take full account of the relevant issues throughout the transaction lifecycle. It is a ground-breaking, cost-effective, web-based tool spanning millions of data points from more than 175 countries, covering 30+ global risks (Economic, Environmental, Technical, Social, Geo-Political).

Why should you use RiskHorizon™ to identify ESG risks?

RiskHorizon™ facilitates early screening across a range of legacy and future ESG risk scenarios to model the risk and opportunity landscape in the transaction, so that they can be subsequently evaluated during due diligence. RiskHorizon™ output is displayed in an online dashboard, that provides the user with:

  • The ability to identify potential ESG risk exposure via two pathways: by industrial sector and/or geographical region;
  • A graphical display of potential ESG risk areas to help define the technical scope of the diligence effort and ensure that the proper advisors are retained;
  • Built-in and customizable questions to further evaluate materiality of each risk within the context of the target acquisition. Actual risk levels can be adjusted based upon measures and or management systems the target has in place to manage their exposure;
  • Executive summary input screen to prioritize findings, make recommendations, and call out next steps including free-form text fields to summarize professional opinions; and
  • Flexible reporting that enables both on-line review and hard-copy printing.

ESG risks example software tool output

Our Approach

We recommend using RiskHorizon™ in two distinct stages during the due diligence process:

  • Immediately after the Investment Committee decision to proceed with the diligence effort, and
  • once the dataroom is made available, resume the evaluation process and conduct the full ESG screen.

To read more download our RiskHorizon™ two page guide:


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