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Material and Waste Flow Transparency - PDF Guide

30 March 2016

Use our free guide to help drive improvements in your strategic resource management decisions, compliance and reporting, including waste custody chain reporting. 

In a world of increasingly complex supply chains, material flows are becoming progressively more difficult to follow. Our work with organizations in many different industries suggests that many businesses rely on the basic duty of care information and financial accounts from waste management contractors, but often do not fully understand what happens to their products at the end of life when entering the waste sector.

This lack of visibility can mean that businesses are missing cost saving opportunities for managing their material flows, and exposing themselves to reputational risks – and potentially financial penalties – if recycling and recovery performance are not met. These businesses also have reduced sustainability performance, and lost circular economy opportunities for revenue generation.

Two key questions waste producers should ask:

  • Are you sure that your contractors are doing the ‘best’ with your waste, in line with your company’s ambitions?
  • How do contractors evidence this and how can the company profit from this information?

6 steps to improved material flows 

Anthesis has developed a simple 6 step process, to help organisations ask the right questions to explore ways in which to establish better material flow transparency, and record these in a credible waste custody chain reporting system. Download our guide to see how you can save costs and create revenue streams through improved resource management throughout the supply chain.

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