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Case Study: Neal Mast & Son Greenhouses Annual CDP Submission Support

23 September 2016

Annual support to Neal Mast & Son’s CDP submission - download our case study here


Client’s objectives

In 2009 Neal Mast & Son successfully implemented their internal “Project Green House” program, a cross-departmental team to measure key environmental metrics, which formed part of a longer term sustainability strategy. Their in-house efforts towards managing their sustainability meant their business practises earned them approval from the Walmart Sustainability Index, of which they remain a key participant. As well as these continued efforts, the business had even higher goals for the future. One of the largest changes they aimed to make was further reductions in carbon emissions and participation in the CDP Supply Chain Program.

The project

Neal Mast & Son first engaged Anthesis in 2011 to support with their annual CDP response. The company received an initial CDP score of 70 – a higher than average disclosure score. Neal Mast continue to partner with Anthesis year on year, working to increase their disclosure score.

Key services delivered

  • Working with the client to set an emissions reduction target and distinguish ways in which the organization could reach its goals through efficiency and reduction projects.
  • Identification and reporting of the metrics associated with the reduction projects that they completed.
  • Identification of Scope 3 emission categories that they could easily report on, as well as calculation and reporting these emissions in the company’s CDP response.

Project impacts

Just one year after our initial support, the company’s score rose to 86. In 2013, the company received a score of 99 out of 100, significantly higher than the average respondent score of 49. The company also received a climate change mitigation performance score of “A-,” the maximum score possible for small-to-medium enterprises. In 2013 alone, the company reduced its carbon emissions by 5.5%.

What our client said

“Responding to CDP, and working with Anthesis to identify where we can make carbon emission reductions year-over-year, has been a cornerstone of our sustainability program. We are very proud to have received one of the highest program scores in 2013; it’s a testament to the work of our sustainability committee, our employees, and the help we’ve received from Anthesis.” “Most of the things we do either end up breaking even, or making us money back. It’s really amazing to see what we’ve been able to accomplish, and we’re excited to see what more we can do.” - Jim Raterink Co-owner and sustainability champion for Neal Mast & Son

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