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News + Insights

Getting More Value from Materiality - Part 1: Five Guiding Principles

07 August 2018
Over a year after publishing the blog 5 Top Tips for World-Class Materiality, we reflect on how we've helped clients get more value out of materiality in our recent experience. Anthesis Group's Jenn Clipsham has collated her learnings in a 2-part... Read More

Earth Overshoot Day - How Difficult Conversations can Help us Solve Big Problems

01 August 2018
On December 7th 1972, NASA’s Apollo 17 crew took photograph AS17-148-22727. Better known as the Blue Marble. The photograph, taken at a distance of 18,000 miles, was the first of the Earth where both the south polar ice cap and African coastline are... Read More

5 Ways to Talk About Sustainability in Your Annual Report

26 July 2018
If you were talking about sustainability in your annual report a decade ago you were very much ahead of the curve.  As the topic becomes more and more tied in with core business operations, the once rare practice of discussing sustainability in your... Read More

Anthesis Group Strengthens its Senior Team with the Appointments of Global Head of Marketing and Communications, and Chief Engineer

23 July 2018
London July 2018. Anthesis Group has further strengthened its leadership team in its bid to become market leaders in the sustainability advisory and delivery space, with two new global appointments. Read More

Introducing our Second UN Global Compact Report

13 July 2018
Anthesis Group are pleased to announce the publication of our second United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Communication on Progress, strengthening our pledge to support and uphold the United Nations ten principles. Read More

Anthesis Group Adds World-Class Capabilities With New East Coast Presence

12 July 2018
Boulder, July 12 2018.    Anthesis Group has announced the expansion of its North America business with the addition of four highly regarded sustainability strategy consultants who are joining the business from PwC. This Boston-based team will be... Read More

WRAP Gate Fees Report 2018 - Comparing the Costs of Waste Treatment Options

11 July 2018
The WRAP gate fees report, which analyses the gate fees charged for a range of waste treatment, recovery and disposal options as reported by local authorities, has been compiled by Anthesis. Read More

First Ever UK National Infrastructure Assessment Aims to Inspire World Leading Infrastructure by 2050

10 July 2018
The National Infrastructure Commission has published its first ever National Infrastructure Assessment (10th July 2018) that sets out important infrastructure requirements in the UK over the next 30 years. Read More

Case Study: Energy Services University Track Record

03 July 2018
Download the full detail of our track record here Illustrating our experience in the university sector, a selection from over 80 projects for 29 universities across a range of energy management solutions Technical Insulation Read More

Corporate Leaders’ Insights on the Golden Rules of Sustainability: Ron Voglewede of Whirlpool

02 July 2018
Written by Kathryn Battista and Jim Fava. An Introduction from Jim Fava Since publishing the initial Golden Rules, we decided to reach out to leaders in our community to learn about how they have used the rules as accelerators to culturally... Read More
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