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News + Insights

Why Fast Fashion's Environmental Impacts Are to be Examined

28 June 2018
Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth, yet after housing, transport and food, the clothing industry has the largest environmental impact in the UK. Read More

Emerging Sustainability Trends Revealed - 2018 and Beyond

20 June 2018
We summarize the highly anticipated results from Anthesis Group's Annual Emerging Trends Survey.  What is the Anthesis Annual Emerging Trends Survey?  Anthesis conducted this survey to proactively track business perspectives on sustainability trends... Read More

Case Study: Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding for Sheffield City Council

19 June 2018
Download our case study here Client’s objectives Sheffield Council’s objective was to maintain the smooth and efficient running of heating systems across residential housing estates. Read More

The Power of Software Tools for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) - PDF Brochure

18 June 2018
Anthesis’ has a suite of proprietary software solutions. Flexible tools like RiskHorizon™ and Footprinter™ can be leveraged to enable ESG due diligence and metrics tracking and reporting processes, respectively, at both the fund and portfolio... Read More

Helping Your Business Take Action on Single-Use Plastics - FAQ Guide

13 June 2018
Successfully tackling the plastic problem from a business perspective is no easy task. It's a complex, intricate web with actions and decisions having multiple knock-on effects on supply chains and business operations. Read More

World Environment Day 2018 - Anthesis To Make Plastic Pledges

05 June 2018
What is World Environment Day? Occurring on the 5th June every year, World Environment Day is the principal initiative of the UN to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Each year has a theme that focusses... Read More

Whole Life Carbon Assessments Now Mandatory for RICS Members

01 June 2018
The recently published Professional Statement from RICS on the Whole Life Carbon (WLC) of construction projects follows on from similar guidance published by the GLA1 and RICS five years ago and is based on a 2011 EN 159782 European standard. Read More

Apparel, Textiles and Footwear Sector Services - PDF Guide

23 May 2018
Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or clothing brand, sustainability means planning for long-term success.  Read More

Anthesis Announce Strategic Partnership with Wild Waters Ventures

21 May 2018
Anthesis are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Wild Water Ventures. We look forward to supporting them in their ambitions to meet the most advanced sustainability standards as they reboot the Frisia mineral water operations and in... Read More

Why Reducing Microfibers in the Ocean Should be Top of Clothing Brands' Agenda

18 May 2018
With growing social interest combined with policy drivers at governmental level, many organizations are joining pledges, creating campaigns and reviewing their options to change the way they operate to help reduce the amount of used plastic that’s... Read More
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