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Case Study: Private Equity Firm Environmental Due Diligence Assessment

13 September 2016

Environmental due diligence assessment of an aluminium smelter portfolio - download our case study here


The project

A private equity firm was interested in acquiring a distressed portfolio of aluminium smelters throughout Germany. Anthesis was commissioned to undertake a pre-acquisition environmental assessment of the site to determine potential environmental liabilities and risk.

Key services delivered

  • Undertaking of an environmental due diligence assessment, including desktop and site visit efforts across the portfolio
  • Identification and quantification of environmental risks and liabilities associated with the portfolio that may impact the proposed transaction
  • Provision of recommendations to appropriately mitigate the risks and liabilities identified
  • Involvement in meetings and discussions to support the client through the transaction process as necessary

Key project outputs

  • The sites were found to have a long industrial use and were heavily bombed during WWII leaving an inherent risk of unexploded ordinance onsite.
  • Complex permit situations were found and significant industrial risks highlighted health and safety exposure risks with regards to dust, noise and heat.
  • The client was able to enter into the negotiations for the transaction with detailed knowledge of the environmental liabilities and associated costs that these had.

Project impacts

The environmental due diligence assessment helped to highlight the environmental liabilities and associated costs prior to purchase to assist with ensuring a suitable CAPEX plan was in place to support the investment.

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