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RiskHorizon: Anthesis Developed Sustainability Risk Tool - PDF Guide

17 November 2015

We live in a dynamic and unpredictable world. Global risks and opportunities do not exist in a vacuum. To stay competitive and resilient, you need a realistic assessment of how material they are to your business and the financial implications of different scenarios to your business.

Our RiskHorizon™ service offering

RiskHorizon™ is Anthesis’ proprietary tool and has been created to meet your demand for clear unequivocal guidance to assist in the evaluation of business exposure to sustainability risk.

It enables:

  • Investment officers to undertake sector-level ESG screenings and assess the materiality of individual risks to assets and investments.
  • Risk management professionals to evaluate direct and indirect risks that impact the continuity and resilience of your operations under a range of different scenarios.
  • Supply chain managers to prioritise, manage and monitor areas of your supply chain to meet strategic sourcing objectives and to manage reputational advantage.
  • C-suite to shape your long-term strategy through the monetisation of risks and opportunities.

What does RiskHorizon™ do?

RiskHorizon™ is a web-based tool that brings together analysis from authoritative sources to provide an assessment of 25 global risks under a range of policy futures. These are mapped to the International Finance Corporate Performance Standards and Global Reporting Initiative reporting framework.

The tool provides the user with:

  • The ability to assess sustainability risk exposure via two pathways: by industrial sector and/or geographical region
  • The opportunity to explore risks and opportunities under a range of different technological, socioeconomic, and policy futures
  • An evaluation of materiality of each risk to business based upon sensitivity to the specific exposure. Businesses can adjust their materiality based upon measures they have in place to manage their exposure
  • An assessment of exposure to specific sustainability risks, which can lead to monetisation and determination of cost to adapt or mitigate.

The tool draws on global data across millions of data points for more than 40 countries and over 100 cities.


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