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Software and Systems Solutions - PDF Guide

15 November 2016

What software systems are you using to cover your sustainability requirements?

The Software & Systems team at Anthesis focuses on software solutions, solution development, implementation, and defining and integrating business processes. We support IT-oriented employees, working in any sector, who are looking for software coverage, business process optimization and improved data structures across different areas of sustainability.

Most organizations run large ERP systems, like Oracle or SAP, to cover core and standard processes for financials, supply chain management and logistics. On top of these, they operate smaller and tailored systems inside their business units, which can often be simple Excel and Word spreadsheets. To increase efficiency and avoid compliancerelated risks, it is crucial for a company to fully understand the strategy, requirements, process flows, data structures and software landscape of a business unit and its sustainability requirements.

The Software & Systems team at Anthesis offer large off-the-shelf software implementations, smaller point solutions and very small, but hugely customizable solutions, along with business process operations support closely combined with Anthesis’ strategic consulting expertise.

Anthesis-owned (or part-owned) software solutions

Supplier Network

We offer software platform and program management services to enable you to productively engage with suppliers (or others). The platform is aimed at fostering collaboration, driving innovation, capturing qualitative and quantitative data from the connected communities, sharing best practice, supporting group-buying activities, enhancing loyalty and the sense of community, and providing richer communications between the engaged parties.

This software adds value by enabling:

Sustainability communication • online training • e-learning • guidelines • questionnaires • managed events • webinars • workshops • forums • buying clubs

This is particularly suited to you if your role is in:

Procurement • materials management • sustainability management

Compliance Suite

This is a cloud-based tool, operated by Anthesis, for collection and management of material compliance declarations based upon industry standard IPC1752A (and IEC62474). The system structures and stores all compliance-relevant information for raw materials and finished products and allows you to draw compliance reports and roll a compliance status up from the bottom to the top of a bill of material.

This software adds value by supporting compliance related to:

RoHS • REACH • conflict minerals • full material disclosure • prohibited substance lists

This is particularly suited to you if your role is in:

Material compliance engineering • materials management • procurement


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