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News + Insights

Getting Emotional: the Key to Improving the Sustainability of Apparel

27 July 2017
In her first blog piece, we hear from Susan Harris, Technical Director, on the role of durability of clothing and consumer behavior. Read More

Golden Rules for Sustainable Business - Rule #2 - Success requires action!

27 March 2017
Building on Jim Fava’s and John Heckman’s blog – Our Golden Rules for Sustainable Business  – we are continuing our series of blogs that explores each of these five rules in a bit more depth. Read More

Driving Business Value Through Sustainability- the Next Phase of our Journey

07 October 2016
In this first of a series of blogs that looks at how organizations can create business value through sustainability we hear from Jim Fava, leading a series of blogs on his and others experience of the imperative of Sustainability in driving business... Read More

How to get staff excited about bruised bananas (and Tupperware)

02 August 2016
Anthesis recently carried out our very own ‘anti-food waste week’ across our UK offices. Think fridge and fruit bowl clear outs, packaging pile-ups, and Tupperware enthusiasts out in force… Read More

Committing to a Bold Renewables Target Event

22 July 2016
In July we held our first round table event aimed at supporting businesses that are looking to or have made a bold commitment to Renewable Energy. The event was attended by a range of cross sector organisations all looking to debate the challenges... Read More

Does Thinking ‘inside the box’ Offer the Key to Improving Sustainability?

05 July 2016
At Anthesis, we seek to collaborate with like-minded organisations that can support our clients in addressing their sustainability plans. We recently met with innovation specialists Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), whose unique approach focuses... Read More

Publication of WRAP's Food Surplus Report

16 May 2016
Today see’s the publication of the “Quantification of food surplus waste and related materials in the grocery supply chain”, a report commissioned by WRAP in response to a Ministerial roundtable on food surplus in held in January 2015. Dr Julian... Read More

Tesco Extend Supplier Transparency with the Launch of their Supplier Network App

10 May 2016
With the launch of Tesco Supplier Network app announced on 12th April, comes the capacity for its 5,000 strong supplier network to access the Tesco Supplier Network whilst on-the-go. Read More

Revolting Fashion

05 May 2016
The Modern Slavery Act. How many of your friends thought we needed a Modern Slavery Act? Some? A couple? None? Some of my friends haven’t even heard of it (sorry for dobbing you in friends). But it proves a point – slavery tends to conjure up the... Read More

Re:Cycling is wearing the yellow jersey this week

21 April 2016
This week marks two weeks rolled into one – World Recycling Week and Fashion Revolution Week – promoting awareness of two big sustainability topics within the clothing sector: textile recycling and supply chain labour standards. Read More

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