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What does the new waste data tell us about the current status of waste management in England?

15 November 2018
Peter Scholes, Principal Consultant in the Waste and Resources team, reviews the latest data release from the Environment Agency and what it tells us about the status of waste management in England. Read More

Global Progress Made on Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Regulation - Could Your Product be Affected?

01 November 2018
Criteria are now in place for the regulation of endocrine disrupting chemicals of certain product categories. With more scheduled to come into force in November and beyond, it’s important to keep tracks on your products to see if they could be... Read More

New Plastic Packaging Tax Proposed by the UK Government - Anthesis' Reaction

30 October 2018
The UK government’s new tax on plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content is a step in the right direction for circular economy – but there will be challenges for the whole supply chain that we’ll need to face head on, argue Debbie... Read More

Why You Need to Maintain Chemical Dossier Quality Even Though the REACH Registration Has Passed

25 October 2018
The European Chemicals Agency - ECHA - now holds the most comprehensive public database on chemicals in the world. The aim of this database is to protect human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemicals not just in Europe, but with... Read More

Most Recent Higg Index Data Shows Factories Paying Workers Digitally are 5 Times More Likely to Provide Good Working Conditions

24 October 2018
Anthesis is proud to have supported research led by the Better Than Cash Alliance and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), which looks into the correlation between digital wages in apparel, textile and footwear supply chains and social and labor... Read More

Two Key Developments for Science Based Targets

23 October 2018
In the recent opinion piece from Anthesis Director Josh Whitney reacting to the IPCC Special Report, he highlights that companies committed to Science Based Targets play a leadership role in driving change. Here we provide an update for utilizing... Read More

Common Energy Saving Myths, and how to Actually Save Energy

22 October 2018
Anthesis was asked by HuffPost to come up with some common energy saving myths along with how to actually save energy, in an attempt to provide more clarity. Read More

The IPCC Report and What it Means for Business - An Urgent Call to Action

19 October 2018
The next ten years will be crucial to limit global temperature rise. The IPCC’s Special Report sends a clear message - rapidly decarbonize the global economy to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, says Anthesis Director Josh Whitney. Read More

#AnthesisEverestChallenge – Walking the Talk

18 October 2018
During the past four weeks Anthesians globally have completed our #AnthesisEverestChallenge, a unique CSR initiative that received great engagement and results. The challenge was a three-fold initiative designed to promote topics that are important... Read More

Why Fast Fashion's Environmental Impacts Need Addressing by the Clothing Industry

08 October 2018
Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth, yet after housing, transport and food, the clothing industry has the largest environmental impact in the UK. 'Fast fashion’ has come under increasing scrutiny in recent times for its potential negative contribution... Read More
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