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Positive Fashion: What the Circular Solution looks like in the Fashion Industry

08 February 2019
As beautiful garments aplenty make their way down the big four fashion catwalks this month, it’s a little too easy to act on impulse. It's natural to start creating mental lists of the designs that will be relevant for your brand, and of course your... Read More

An Examination of BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s Annual Letter

30 January 2019
As we consider the message in Blackrock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink’s annual letter to portfolio companies, we recognize an urgency indicated, but not directly expressed, in the missive. Read More

Tapping in to the untold link between the circular economy and carbon reduction

29 January 2019
Global CO2 emissions just keep on rising. Despite carbon reduction efforts being high on the world’s agenda for many years now, 2019 is set to see one of the highest levels atmospheric CO2 ever. With the Met Office predicting the concentration to be... Read More

Vote for our Legends of Waste - 2019 Resource Hot 100

16 January 2019
The annual instalment of Resource magazine’s Hot 100 is back for 2019. This year’s theme is all about ‘Legends of Waste’, which is fitting for the waste legends at Anthesis making real strides to create positive change in both the waste industry and... Read More

Key findings from the landmark Resources & Waste Strategy

19 December 2018
It feels like the UK is in the midst of an unparalleled environmental shift. A shift that is gathering momentum and as it travels down the pathway towards positive change. We're seeing more environmental consultations, more calls for evidence and... Read More

IPCC Special Report – Actions required for building energy systems

12 December 2018
At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in 2015, countries agreed to keep a rise in global temperatures “well below 2 degrees C” above pre-industrial levels and to “pursue efforts to” limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees C.... Read More

How a 20% cut in energy can equal a 5% sales increase for retailers

05 December 2018
The global apparel sector has come under particular scrutiny for its environmental impact, especially in the UK where the Environmental Audit Committee called out the top UK fashion brands to report on their environmental and social impact, whilst... Read More

6 ways to have a greener, more sustainable Christmas Holiday this year

30 November 2018
A Green Christmas is the new White Christmas - only more predictable, achievable and better for you and the environment. The Christmas holidays are undoubtedly a period of festive spirit, family and sharing, but there’s also an awful lot of... Read More

The NCA4 Vol.II Report: Takeaways for Businesses

27 November 2018
 Anthesis Executive Director Lisa Grice shares insights and takeaways from the new National Climate Assessment Report, Volume II. Read More

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting: Are you prepared for new legislation?

16 November 2018
As of April 2019, all large UK registered companies will be required to report on their energy consumption, GHG emissions and energy intensity within their annual report, according to a Government’s response to the recent Streamlined Energy and... Read More
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