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Google Tool Calculates a City's Carbon Footprint – How Does This Compare to Anthesis’ SCATTER Tool?

14 October 2019
The Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) from Google puts the Anthesis-developed SCATTER tool in the spotlight. Read More

Announcing the Anthesis Catalunya Cycle Challenge 2019

12 September 2019
Anthesis is excited to share the announcement of a charitable company bike tour through the Catalunya region of the Spanish Pyrenees mountains, raising funds for World Bicycle Relief. Commencing on the 28th of September, the ride will last four... Read More

Lessons Learned From Developing SBTs –Part 3: Translating Noble Ambitions to Reality

19 August 2019
In the first two parts of this “Lessons Learned” series, we shared insights for laying a strong foundation as well as practical steps to ensure success in developing science-based targets (SBTs). In this blog we will delve further into the SBT... Read More

Biomaterials: fashion's future or passing fad?

15 August 2019
Demand for fast fashion is rocketing at just the same time that consumers want the apparel industry to reduce its environmental impact. It’s a dilemma, but are biobased materials the answer? By Claudia Amos and Georgie Edwards.    Read More

What Can Businesses Do to Adapt Strategically as the UK Transforms to Become Zero Carbon?

27 June 2019
There has been such a volume of media coverage of climate-related issues over the past few months that it has been hard to keep up with the latest developments. The UK has seen a wave of ‘Climate Emergency’ declarations at both the city and national... Read More

Strengthening The Sustainable Apparel Service Offering at Anthesis – Part 3: MADE-BY

19 June 2019
In this three-part series, we highlight Anthesis' acquisitions of 2019 through the lens of the relevant skills, tools, and projects of each company for our textile and apparel clients. This final blog of the series introduces sustainable apparel... Read More

The Imperative and opportunity of the Circular Economy

17 June 2019
Anthesis Executive Director Lisa Grice illustrates the case for a circular economy and outlines steps in shifting business frameworks from a linear to a circular model. Read More

Sustainability Reporting And Brand Communication Services for Businesses - PDF Guide

03 June 2019
Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned pro, sustainability reporting can be time consuming, complicated, expensive and generally a bit of a minefield. We offer pragmatic, simple reporting solutions – helping you find the value in your... Read More

Will the England Resources and Waste Strategy revive the anaerobic digestion sector?

24 May 2019
A new government strategy has the potential to revitalize the UK’s anaerobic digestion industry,  but it’s far from a foregone conclusion, say Anthesis consultants Claudia Amos and Peter Scholes. Read More

Chemicals of concern and the circular economy: Part 2 - Chemicals and Recycling

23 May 2019
Our four-part blog series examines the challenges that chemicals of concern could present for moving towards the circular economy. This week: Policy makers have only recently begun to address the need for an interface between chemicals and waste... Read More
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