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Tapping in to the untold link between the circular economy and carbon reduction

29 January 2019
Global CO2 emissions just keep on rising. Despite carbon reduction efforts being high on the world’s agenda for many years now, 2019 is set to see one of the highest levels atmospheric CO2 ever. With the Met Office predicting the concentration to be... Read More

IPCC Special Report – Actions required for building energy systems

12 December 2018
At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in 2015, countries agreed to keep a rise in global temperatures “well below 2 degrees C” above pre-industrial levels and to “pursue efforts to” limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees C.... Read More

How a 20% cut in energy can equal a 5% sales increase for retailers

05 December 2018
The global apparel sector has come under particular scrutiny for its environmental impact, especially in the UK where the Environmental Audit Committee called out the top UK fashion brands to report on their environmental and social impact, whilst... Read More

Energy services for the retail sector - PDF guide

05 December 2018
The way the retail sector is producing, consuming and managing energy is rapidly changing. This is being driven by concern over price volatility, climate change and technological advancement.  Read More

Built Environment service guide for sustainable development

07 November 2018
As the construction sector transitions to a low-carbon and low-emission economy, you have a major role to play in not just what kind of future is built but how it's built too.  Read More

Whole Life Carbon Assessments Now Mandatory for RICS Members

01 June 2018
The recently published Professional Statement from RICS on the Whole Life Carbon (WLC) of construction projects follows on from similar guidance published by the GLA1 and RICS five years ago and is based on a 2011 EN 159782 European standard. Read More

Why the Built Environment Sector is Getting On Board with Science Based Targets

22 March 2018
The built environment contributes to around a third of global greenhouse gas emissions1. If we are going to keep the global temperature increase to below 2°C, the built environment sector will need to play a significant role in transitioning to a... Read More

How to create a Circular Economy in the Built Environment

06 March 2018
Technical Director Susan Harris looks at the scale of opportunity present in the Built Environment sector. She discusses how the solutions for circularity require taking an holistic view that goes beyond the Built Environment sphere to form part of... Read More

EDGE – Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies - PDF Guide

07 December 2017
What is EDGE? EDGE certification rewards developers who implement strategies to reduce energy and water use in their buildings, as well as embodied energy in materials. Read More

Four Ideas That Will Drive the Step-Change for a Sustainable Built Environment

01 October 2017
Globally, the built environment is an industry with huge influence on sustainability. It contributes 40% of global GDP1 and is responsible for approximately 30% of energy consumption and associated GHG emissions2. This year, the World Green Building... Read More
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