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Our Golden Rules for Sustainable Business

20 December 2016
In their latest blog we hear from Jim Fava and John Heckman on the Golden Rules for Sustainable business, moving beyond compliance to creating business value. Read More

Canada's Carbon Price: Update for Businesses

08 December 2016
In his latest blog we hear from Josh Hendry, Principal Consultant at the Anthesis Group, as he reflects on the journey two months on since the Government of Canada announced a national price on carbon.  Read More

Evidence-Based Materiality & Aligning with the SDGs

08 November 2016
Materiality assessments take many forms, but the common denominator in most methods is stakeholder engagement. On the basis of conversations with people inside and outside the business, companies develop a ‘heat map’ to show which material issues... Read More

PSRT North American Fall Meeting

21 October 2016
Hosted by Herman Miller to Discuss Leadership in Product Sustainability On September 20-22nd, the Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT), a group of select companies with leading product sustainability practices, gathered for its fall North... Read More

What Does Canada's Carbon Price Mean for Your Business?

10 October 2016
In this latest insight we hear from Chris Peterson and Curtis Harnanan from the Anthesis Group on what carbon pricing could mean for your business.  Read More

The Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) - PDF Guide

07 October 2016
In a world where time is money, there’s priceless value in being part of a global community of sustainability leaders. The PSRT is a community of cross-industry sustainability experts and thought leaders from leading global companies that has been... Read More

The Product Sustainability Round Table

05 October 2016
The Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) has been bringing together sustainability experts from the world’s most respected organizations for over twenty years. The PSRT offers a uniquely successful combination of a dedicated think-tank,... Read More

Microbeads Ban – What Are They and What’s Happening? A Transatlantic Perspective

28 September 2016
Declared “toxic” in Canada, and a future ban in the UK, microbeads are high on the sustainability agenda globally. Two of our colleagues – based in Canada and the UK – summarize the story to date. Read More

The continued evolution of GRI – what’s in store for you? [Part 2]

30 August 2016
By Jenn Clipsham and Josh Whitney. As mentioned in Part 1 of this blog series, Part 2 shifts our focus to how GRI’s move to create the technical infrastructure necessary for digital reporting may impact the reporting landscape.  We will also provide... Read More

The Continued Evolution of GRI – What’s in Store for You? [Part 1]

20 July 2016
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is re-purposing itself under new leadership to drive the uptake of using reporting (i.e. to improve business processes, to drive greater progress towards intended outcomes, to become more influential in... Read More
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