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News + Insights

UK ‘Latte Levy’ – Eye-Catching, But Wider Reform Is Needed

05 January 2018
Today’s publication of the report by the House of Common's Environmental Audit Committee on coffee cups reflects a wider public interest in sustainable production and consumption. Such interest has driven a policy debate that is focussed on very... Read More

Why a Circular Economy is Needed for the Fashion Industry

05 December 2017
The first of December is officially the first meteorological day of winter in the UK, and with plummeting temperatures across the country many of us will have reached for our winter coats, scarves, hats and gloves this morning. Read More

China's Waste Ban – How It Could Impact Global Waste Management

27 November 2017
Over the last 15 years, the amount of material exported to China for treatment and reprocessing has grown dramatically. To the point, now, where most of the western world is reliant on the Chinese markets to handle elements of its low-quality... Read More

Single-Use Plastic: Actions Businesses Can Take

22 November 2017
As consumers, we seem to have a complex relationship with plastic packaging, especially when we are talking about ‘single-use plastic’. On the one hand, the material is extremely lightweight and flexible, meeting many of our everyday needs from... Read More

Microbeads: Part Two – An Update on the Proposed Bans

07 August 2017
Last September Rosie Sibley and Curtis Harnanan gave us the Transatlantic Perspective on Microbeads after the Canadian government declared them Toxic. Ten months on, the UK Government have also committed to a ban, Rosie Sibley explains. Read More

UK 2017 Election Spotlight: A Resourceful Way to Support the British economy

05 June 2017
In our next blog focusing on the UK general election, we hear from Associate Director Debbie Hitchen on the various party manifesto’s waste and resource and circular economy pledges. Read guest writer Julian Tranter's blog on circularity thinking... Read More

UK 2017 Election Spotlight: Will Mrs May Keep Her Eye on the Circular Prize?

02 June 2017
As we speed towards the UK general election next week, we hear from our guest blogger Julian Tranter on why industry must rally to ensure the circularity thinking that's driven by the EU Circular Economy package continues to yield results.  Read More

Industrial Strategy and the Circular Economy

31 March 2017
The UK Government are currently holding a consultation on ‘building an industrial strategy that addresses the long-term challenges to the UK economy’, and they want YOUR opinion by 17th April. Earlier in March, our Principal Consultant Ellen... Read More

The Ocean Plastic Problem & How To Become More Circular

16 March 2017
Our Director Debbie Hitchen’s reflections following The Crowd’s March event held in London, which this time focused on the issue of ocean plastic. Read More

Circular Economy and Life Cycle Innovation - Europe and Beyond

10 February 2017
At the end of January, Anthesis’ Marie Jones had the opportunity to attend a workshop on "Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency, Life Cycle Thinking: Same objectives, same impacts?”, organized by the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle... Read More

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