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How China's Waste Ban Could Impact Global Waste Management

02 May 2018
Over the last 15 years, the amount of material exported to China for treatment and reprocessing has grown dramatically. To the point, now, where most of the western world is reliant on the Chinese markets to handle elements of its low-quality... Read More

Plastics Pact and Circular Economy Package: New Strategies Revealed in the Sustainable Consumption and Production Debate

26 April 2018
The global movement to create a more sustainable world continues to gather pace and rise to the top of both political and business agendas. With so many forums debating the different aspects of sustainable production and consumption, decision... Read More

How to create a Circular Economy in the Built Environment

06 March 2018
Technical Director Susan Harris looks at the scale of opportunity present in the Built Environment sector. She discusses how the solutions for circularity require taking an holistic view that goes beyond the Built Environment sphere to form part of... Read More

New Toxics in Carpet Report Shows Health, Environmental and Recycling Implications

05 March 2018
A new report by Anthesis into the use of toxic chemicals in the manufacture and supply of carpets sold on the European market has highlighted a number of health and environmental concerns. Read More

Why the UK's Proposed Coffee Cup Tax Needs Wider EPR Reform

05 January 2018
Today’s publication of the report by the House of Common's Environmental Audit Committee on coffee cups reflects a wider public interest in sustainable production and consumption. Such interest has driven a policy debate that is focussed on very... Read More

Why a Circular Economy in Fashion is Needed to retain value and increase sustainability

05 December 2017
Shorts? Jumper? Jeans? Perhaps even a pair of thick woolly socks?  Typically, the clothes we choose when we shop for such items will be based on a number of factors - the level of comfort and protection they offer, their availability in our size,... Read More

Single-Use Plastic: Actions Businesses Can Take

22 November 2017
As consumers, we seem to have a complex relationship with plastic packaging, especially when we are talking about ‘single-use plastic’. On the one hand, the material is extremely lightweight and flexible, meeting many of our everyday needs from... Read More

Microbeads: Part Two – An Update on the Proposed Bans

07 August 2017
Last September Rosie Sibley and Curtis Harnanan gave us the Transatlantic Perspective on Microbeads after the Canadian government declared them Toxic. Ten months on, the UK Government have also committed to a ban, Rosie Sibley explains. Read More

Sustainable Packaging Design and Manufacturing Solutions - PDF guide

21 July 2017
Developing sustainable solutions through design, supply chain management and manufacturing. Packaging fulfils a number of critical functions across the product lifecycle, from protection during transit and handling, through to providing consumers... Read More

Industrial Strategy and the Circular Economy

31 March 2017
The UK Government are currently holding a consultation on ‘building an industrial strategy that addresses the long-term challenges to the UK economy’, and they want YOUR opinion by 17th April. Earlier in March, our Principal Consultant Ellen... Read More
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