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News + Insights

1.7 Blue Marbles- Earth Overshoot Day 2017

02 August 2017
On December 7th 1972, NASA’s Apollo 17 crew took photograph AS17-148-22727. Better known as the Blue Marble, the photograph was the first of the Earth where both the south polar ice cap and African coastline are visible.  The image is considered by... Read More

We Are Still In - Standing Together to Tackle Climate Change

05 June 2017
In January of this year Anthesis joined the “Business Backs Low-Carbon USA” initiative, a coalition of over 1000 companies and investors supporting the United States’ transition to a low-carbon economy. The initiative is founded on the belief that... Read More

Are you going to GreenBiz ’17 (February 14 - 16)?

13 February 2017
As per the norm, Joel Makower and the GreenBiz team have assembled an enviable array of speakers and themes for this year’s GreenBiz which will undoubtedly provoke much thought and debate throughout the week.  And this year of all years, it will be... Read More

Creating Value Through Sustainability

21 November 2016
In his latest blog, we hear from Jim Fava on how we must continue to create value through Sustainability whatever the political landscape. Read More

The Single Greatest Opportunity for Tackling Climate Change?

21 November 2016
Responsible for more than 70 percent of global energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, cities represent the single greatest opportunity for tackling climate change[i]. Therefore, it is inspiring to see cities such as Denver commit to reducing... Read More

Scope 2 - The Journey So Far

10 November 2016
For those of us who work in the exciting world of GHG emissions accounting, January 2015 was a significant month. The World Resources Institute (WRI), published revised guidance for how entities should report GHG emissions from their purchases of... Read More

What’s Next For CDP?

27 October 2016
Anthesis recently attended CDP’s bi-annual Consultancy Partner Briefing. Here are the key takeaways, along with some other pertinent updates related to CDP, climate action and corporate reporting.  Read More

Carbon Footprinting- the Key to Reducing Impacts, Cutting Costs and building Resilience

02 September 2016
We are an international, world leading, greenhouse gas accounting and reporting experts with more than 300 clients and have completed over 3,000 GHG projects. Some of our clients include H&M, Reckitt Benckiser and the London Olympics. Read More

Rio 2016: Is it only the pool water that is green?

18 August 2016
In 2012 Anthesis, led by Craig Simmons, helped London 2012 become the greenest Olympic games by developing an award winning carbon management strategy. The methodology that was developed raised the sustainability bar for future world class events.... Read More

Video: Cashing in on Carbon

22 July 2016
Insights on flexible carbon pricing strategies for businesses both large and small. Read More

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