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News + Insights

The Key to Improving the Sustainability of Apparel

27 July 2017
In her first blog piece, we hear from Susan Harris, Technical Director, on the role of durability of clothing and consumer behavior. Read More

Golden Rules for Sustainable Business - Rule #1 - Bring Your Customers In

08 March 2017
In the next installment of our “Golden Rules for Sustainable Business” series we hear from Josh Hendry on the opportunities your business can create by bringing your customers in. Read More

Collecting Supply Chain Sustainability Data – Where To Start?

23 September 2016
Stakeholder pressure from investors, shareholders, customers and nonprofits to push sustainability into the supply chain has significantly increased in recent years, and, at some point, all companies will be asked to report on their supply chain... Read More

Unlocking Innovation Through Ecological Footprinting

10 August 2016
This week marked Earth Overshoot Day 2016, and Nicky Chambers has written our second thought piece inspired by this day. So far this year we have been living off the natural productivity of the world – what we can sustainably use each year. For the... Read More

The Big Picture of Measuring Sustainability Impacts

09 August 2016
It can be challenging for companies to measure corporate social and environmental impacts, they have impact in many areas, from worker and supply chain welfare, to direct and indirect environmental impact. But what does “positive impact” really... Read More

How to get staff excited about bruised bananas (and Tupperware)

02 August 2016
Anthesis recently carried out our very own ‘anti-food waste week’ across our UK offices. Think fridge and fruit bowl clear outs, packaging pile-ups, and Tupperware enthusiasts out in force… Read More

Publication of WRAP's Food Surplus Report

16 May 2016
Today see’s the publication of the “Quantification of food surplus waste and related materials in the grocery supply chain”, a report commissioned by WRAP in response to a Ministerial roundtable on food surplus in held in January 2015. Dr Julian... Read More

Revolting Fashion - A Call for Traceability in Clothing Supply Chains

05 May 2016
The Modern Slavery Act. How many of your friends thought we needed a Modern Slavery Act? Some? A couple? None? Some of my friends haven’t even heard of it. But it proves a point – slavery tends to conjure up the 19th century imagery seen in... Read More

Re:Cycling is wearing the yellow jersey this week

21 April 2016
This week marks two weeks rolled into one – World Recycling Week and Fashion Revolution Week – promoting awareness of two big sustainability topics within the clothing sector: textile recycling and supply chain labour standards. Read More

Tackling Social Sustainability – Managing your Social Footprint and Handprint

09 November 2015
Firstly let’s look at what we mean by social sustainability. Myth buster – social impact is not the same as social value. Social impact is the impact - positive and negative - that a business has on people within the business, in the value chain and... Read More

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