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News + Insights

6 ways to have a greener, more sustainable Christmas Holiday this year

30 November 2018
A Green Christmas is the new White Christmas - only more predictable, achievable and better for you and the environment. The Christmas holidays are undoubtedly a period of festive spirit, family and sharing, but there’s also an awful lot of... Read More

First Ever UK National Infrastructure Assessment Aims to Inspire World Leading Infrastructure by 2050

10 July 2018
The National Infrastructure Commission has published its first ever National Infrastructure Assessment (10th July 2018) that sets out important infrastructure requirements in the UK over the next 30 years. Read More

'Best Before' or 'Use By'? New Date Label Study Identifies Food Waste Reduction Opportunities for EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan

20 February 2018
The European Union food labelling regulation states that most pre-packed food products must display either a “use by” or a “best before” date. These dates are the source of some confusion amongst consumers, resulting in good food being thrown away... Read More

Food Waste Capabilities - PDF Guide

06 February 2018
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 32% of all food produced in the world is wasted - equating to an annual loss of around £17 billion.  Read More

Food Waste: Setting Goals and Practical Advice to Achieve Them – Watch the Webinar Recording

15 November 2017
Anthesis Group present a series of three webinars focusing on food waste, reducing carbon emissions and water conservation. For the first in this series, we joined forces with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to explore the topic of Food Waste. Read More

Measuring Your Food Loss & Waste – It’s Time for More US Companies to Step Up to the Plate

21 September 2017
Yesterday, Dave Lewis, Group Chief Executive of Tesco, led the latest Champions 12.3 meeting in New York City. He chairs a coalition looking to accelerate progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. Read More

The Next Steps for Reducing Food Waste in England

18 July 2017
Anthesis’ Dr Julian Parfitt recently contributed to a panel discussion on the ‘Next steps for the new Parliament’ to debate the eighth report on ‘Food Waste in England’ from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee inquiry. The... Read More

REFRESH Food Waste 2017 and Innovation Incubator Day

31 May 2017
Connecting champions to halve food waste per capita In Berlin’s innovative and sustainable event space, Umweltforum, there was a great meeting of minds when the REFRESH Food Waste 2017 conference brought together champions of food waste reduction... Read More

Six Food Loss & Waste Forum - 6 Key Messages

28 April 2017
Earlier this April, the Provision Coalition, in partnership with Canada's National Zero Waste Council and Packaging Consortium (PAC), hosted the Food Loss + Waste Forum to share opportunities that are readily available in the marketplace to address... Read More

Addressing Food Waste in your Own Operations - PDF Guide

26 January 2017
Food waste - The situation If global food waste were a country, the emissions associated with it would rival those of the entire European Union. Read More
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