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News + Insights

Food Waste: Setting Goals and Practical Advice to Achieve Them – Watch the Webinar Recording

15 November 2017
Anthesis Group present a series of three webinars focusing on food waste, reducing carbon emissions and water conservation. For the first in this series, we joined forces with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to explore the topic of Food Waste. Read More

Guiding Suppliers To Set Ambitious Carbon Reduction Targets

31 August 2017
Walmart’s Project Gigaton is a new, ambitious project to reduce their value chain GHG emissions by one billion tons. This Science Based Target (SBT) sets emission reductions in line with climate science and puts pressure on suppliers – especially... Read More

The Business Case for Science Based Targets

08 February 2017
While the usage of ‘alternative facts’ is becoming a legitimate political strategy, we strongly believe most people still rely on actual data and science to form opinions, facts and inform their strategy. Now more than ever, we need science and... Read More

Join our Webinar: What’s the Point in Reporting? And How Can You Get The Most Out Of It?

26 October 2016
Sustainability reporting raises tricky questions about what you should report, and how you should report it. But the question few are asking is – am I really getting any value from this? Is it worth the investment? Given all the things you could... Read More

Collecting Supply Chain Sustainability Data – Where To Start?

23 September 2016
Stakeholder pressure from investors, shareholders, customers and nonprofits to push sustainability into the supply chain has significantly increased in recent years, and, at some point, all companies will be asked to report on their supply chain... Read More

Implementation, implementation, implementation!

06 September 2016
“It is time to turn political commitments into real action.[1]” These were Margot Wallström’s, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, closing remarks when she spoke during World Water Week last week. And with a future water crisis predicted by 900... Read More

Rio 2016: Is it only the pool water that is green?

18 August 2016
In 2012 Anthesis, led by Craig Simmons, helped London 2012 become the greenest Olympic games by developing an award winning carbon management strategy. The methodology that was developed raised the sustainability bar for future world class events.... Read More

We’re All Talking Circular (Even If We Don’t Realize It)

03 August 2016
Yesterday, Theresa May chaired the first meeting of a new cabinet committee focused on building “an economy that works for everyone", which will prioritise developing a strong industrial strategy, encouraging innovation, boosting productivity and... Read More

True, Engaging and Cheap?

16 March 2016
Depending on who you talk to, two very different trends tug the sleeve of the humble sustainability report. Read More

If food waste were a country...

27 January 2016
There has been much coverage of food waste in the media recently.  This has been enhanced further by the launch of a high profile global campaign at the Davos World Economic Forum to halve current levels of global food waste by 2030.  This coalition... Read More

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