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News + Insights

Case Study: Target's Chemical Management Policy

22 March 2017
Target has long been a leader in supply chain transparency, products sustainability and responsible chemistry aiming to “sell products with a positive impact on the lives of our guests and communities and to ensure worker and guest safety throughout... Read More

The EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive: Are You Ready?

19 September 2016
You may be aware that the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) is to be transposed into Member States’ law by 6 December 2016. This means that if your company has an average of 500 employees, and is a Public Interest Entity (PIE), you will... Read More

Brexit: The Implications on Waste and the Circular Economy

14 September 2016
Last week, we gave attendees of September’s North West Sustainable Business Quarterly in Manchester, UK, the opportunity to build-their-own Brexit event; an interactive event where we tailored what we delivered to what you wanted to hear! Read More

Join us this September 8th at NWSBQ’s Build-Your-Own Brexit Event!

24 August 2016
It’s that time of the year again where we invite you to join us at our UK North West Sustainable Business Quarterly event, which will be taking this September 8th, just outside Manchester’s city center. Read More

Environmental Policy and Brexit - Three Areas of Concern

26 June 2016
It may be up to two years until the UK formally leaves the EU, but it is prudent for businesses to look ahead, understand the changing policy landscape and put in place measures to mitigate their risks whilst grasping what opportunities they can. Read More

The EU Referendum: the Final Anthesis Blog…

14 June 2016
Since the 9th March, Anthesis has been running a series of blogs on Brexit and the implications for environmental and social issues.  These blogs have not only been well received by our clients, partners and colleagues in the sustainability and... Read More

How Brexit Looks From Across the Water

25 May 2016
News of Britain’s upcoming political decision has been rippling across the Channel for some time. Not being of a particularly strong political mind set, and living in Germany, I feel somewhat removed from the referendum hype and noise currently... Read More

The EU Referendum: “in” or “out”, what are the Implications for the Environment and Social Issues?

09 March 2016
It’s less than a month since David Cameron announced the 23rd June as the date for the EU Referendum.   Whether you’ve been following the commentaries in the broadsheets, on the news channels, or in digital and social media, there’s been no shortage... Read More

If food waste were a country...

27 January 2016
There has been much coverage of food waste in the media recently.  This has been enhanced further by the launch of a high profile global campaign at the Davos World Economic Forum to halve current levels of global food waste by 2030.  This coalition... Read More

What does the Paris Agreement Mean for your Business?

13 December 2015
2015 looks like it will be the warmest year on record yet. Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have reached a new high passing the symbolic 400 parts per million threshold.  Climate change is happening here and now. Read More

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