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Resource Efficiency and Management - PDF Guide

13 March 2017
For resource management companies, procuring waste and recycling contracts is an increasingly competitive and challenging environment. This is the case when procuring in the municipal or commercial and industrial sectors. There are multiple reasons... Read More

Case Study: Financial Services Organization Modern Slavery Act Compliance

07 March 2017
Supporting a global financial services organization compliance to the UK Modern Slavery Act - download our case study here   Read More

Report - Today's UK Wood Waste to Energy Market, and Projections for the Future

21 February 2017
A large number of wood waste to power plants reached financial close between 2014 and 2017. They are to be built under the Renewable Obligation Certification by March 2018. The promise of these new plants has led to much discussion about closing the... Read More

Circular Economy Guide - Embracing CE in your own Operations

08 February 2017
In a world of finite materials, the linear model of take-make-dispose is not sustainable...but a circular one is. Read More

Case Study: Food and Beverage Supplier Water Stewardship Strategy Review

30 January 2017
Conducting a Water Stewardship Strategy review - download our case study here   Read More

The Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) - PDF Guide

07 October 2016
In a world where time is money, there’s priceless value in being part of a global community of sustainability leaders. The PSRT is a community of cross-industry sustainability experts and thought leaders from leading global companies that has been... Read More

Energy and Waste Due Diligence - PDF Guide

15 April 2016
Are you looking for opportunities in renewable energy and waste infrastructure? The move from landfill disposal to resource recovery means there are win-win-win-win outcomes to be had: less waste disposal, more renewable energy and secondary... Read More

Material and Waste Flow Transparency - PDF Guide

30 March 2016
Use our guide to help drive improvements in your strategic resource management decisions, compliance and reporting, including waste custody chain reporting.  Read More

Tackling Modern Slavery in your Supply Chain - PDF Guide

25 November 2015
What is modern slavery? Although slavery has been legally abolished in most countries around the world, it remains a very real issue today; a recent estimate by the Global Slavery Index is that more than 45 million people are in slavery. Modern day... Read More
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