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News + Insights

Creating Value Through Sustainability Reporting

13 December 2017
For companies, sustainability reporting is a time-consuming process. With materiality assessments, data gathering, colleague engagement, messaging, assurance and content creation all to be completed, the process can become so overwhelming that the... Read More

Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) - PDF Guide

29 November 2017
TCFD - The Facts so Far In September 2015, Bank of England governor Mark Carney predicted that “once climate change becomes a defining issue for financial stability, it may already be too late”, sending a strong signal to the financial sector that... Read More

Consistent, Comparable and Reliable GHG Disclosures – the TCFD Recommendations

20 November 2017
With the latest round of global climate talks coming to an end at COP23 in Bonn on Friday, there has never been a bigger focus on how to implement the Paris Agreement from both a governmental and business perspective. There is no better time for... Read More

Why Smart Businesses Are Adopting Science Based Targets

16 November 2017
The consensus and commitment to act on climate change from businesses, political groups and individuals continues to grow across the globe. Read More

Data and Sustainability Reporting – Three Principles for Action

14 November 2017
Two decades in, sustainability reporting, collecting, processing and communicating relevant data remains a fundamental challenge for many organizations. That’s the surprising conclusion of Anthesis' most recent reporting event. Can the power of data... Read More

Unlocking the Power of Data for Better Sustainability Reporting

24 October 2017
For many, reporting means data, data and more data. From gathering and handling it, to crunching and analysing it, data can be a big headache. But as transparency expectations rise, data is becoming ever more important to reporting, and it’s... Read More

Reimagining Disclosure: The Next Steps for CDP and How To Prepare for the 2018 Questionnaire

04 October 2017
Anthesis’ Emma Armstrong and Manisha Paralikar outline what you need to know about the Carbon Disclosure Project's ‘Reimagining Disclosure Consultation’ and their upcoming 2018 questionnaire. Read More

Non-Financial Reporting Directive - What Does the Guidance Tell Us?

21 August 2017
The Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) will be with us in 2018. The law will require some large companies to report on how they manage environmental and social issues. Read More

Peak Reporting - Five Messages From the Front Line

12 July 2017
Is the future of sustainability reporting just a relentless treadmill of rising stakeholder expectations, more demanding frameworks, more transparency and more investment? Or are we approaching an inflexion point, where the mismatch between all... Read More

Have We Passed Peak Sustainability Reporting? Join Us for a Breakfast Event in London

17 May 2017
Paradoxically, as sustainability reporting matures and mainstreams, it may be becoming unsustainable. It’s hard to stay on top of expectations with sustainability reporting, even if it is your day job. Reporters are burdened with choices and... Read More

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