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News + Insights

Non-Financial Reporting Directive - What Does the Guidance Tell Us?

21 August 2017
The Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) will be with us in 2018. The law will require some large companies to report on how they manage environmental and social issues. Read More

Golden Rules for Sustainable Business - Rule #1 - Bring Your Customers In

08 March 2017
In the next installment of our “Golden Rules for Sustainable Business” series we hear from Josh Hendry on the opportunities your business can create by bringing your customers in. Read More

Changes to the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire - PDF Guide

31 January 2017
For those embarking on this year's CDP journey, find out what's changed. Read More

Scope 2 - The Journey So Far

10 November 2016
For those of us who work in the exciting world of GHG emissions accounting, January 2015 was a significant month. The World Resources Institute (WRI), published revised guidance for how entities should report GHG emissions from their purchases of... Read More

Join our Webinar: What’s the Point in Reporting? And How Can You Get The Most Out Of It?

26 October 2016
Sustainability reporting raises tricky questions about what you should report, and how you should report it. But the question few are asking is – am I really getting any value from this? Is it worth the investment? Given all the things you could... Read More

The Emperor's New Report

20 October 2016
What are sustainability reports for? Who are they for? Easy! It’s all about transparency, storytelling, stakeholders, investors… you know the drill. But ask the question ‘where’s the value’- and the answers are harder to find. Who knows where the... Read More

Collecting Supply Chain Sustainability Data – Where To Start?

23 September 2016
Stakeholder pressure from investors, shareholders, customers and nonprofits to push sustainability into the supply chain has significantly increased in recent years, and, at some point, all companies will be asked to report on their supply chain... Read More

The EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive: Are You Ready?

19 September 2016
You may be aware that the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) is to be transposed into Member States’ law by 6 December 2016. This means that if your company has an average of 500 employees, and is a Public Interest Entity (PIE), you will... Read More

Core Cities Webinar – Developing a Consistent Approach to Setting Low Carbon Targets and Trajectories for Core City Regions

07 September 2016
The Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Anthesis co-hosted a webinar on Wednesday 7th September 2016 outlining a proposed approach to  setting low carbon targets and trajectories for city regions.  The primary theme of the webinar was oriented... Read More

The continued evolution of GRI – what’s in store for you? [Part 2]

30 August 2016
By Jenn Clipsham and Josh Whitney. As mentioned in Part 1 of this blog series, Part 2 shifts our focus to how GRI’s move to create the technical infrastructure necessary for digital reporting may impact the reporting landscape.  We will also provide... Read More

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