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News + Insights

Getting Emotional: the Key to Improving the Sustainability of Apparel

27 July 2017
In her first blog piece, we hear from Susan Harris, Technical Director, on the role of durability of clothing and consumer behavior. Read More

Resource Efficiency and Management - PDF Guide

13 March 2017
For resource management companies, procuring waste and recycling contracts is an increasingly competitive and challenging environment. And this is the case when procuring in both the municipal, and commercial and industrial, sectors: local... Read More

Streamlined Life Cycle Assessments - PDF Guide

18 October 2016
Streamlined Life Cycle Assessments: Developing a sustainability improvement strategy for products and services Read More

Brexit: The Implications on Waste and the Circular Economy

14 September 2016
Last week, we gave attendees of September’s North West Sustainable Business Quarterly in Manchester, UK, the opportunity to build-their-own Brexit event; an interactive event where we tailored what we delivered to what you wanted to hear! Read More

Using Circularity Principles to Win Gold in the Construction Sector

14 September 2016
Wondering what circular principles, the construction industry and the Paralympics have in common? Claudia Amos and Katie Livesey, Associate Directors, explore the links here, and in timely honor of Recycle Week 2016 too. Read More

We’re All Talking Circular (Even If We Don’t Realize It)

03 August 2016
Yesterday, Theresa May chaired the first meeting of a new cabinet committee focused on building “an economy that works for everyone", which will prioritise developing a strong industrial strategy, encouraging innovation, boosting productivity and... Read More

How to get staff excited about bruised bananas (and Tupperware)

02 August 2016
Anthesis recently carried out our very own ‘anti-food waste week’ across our UK offices. Think fridge and fruit bowl clear outs, packaging pile-ups, and Tupperware enthusiasts out in force… Read More

Video: Are You Going Around in Circles?

22 July 2016
An overview of everything you need to know about the circular economy. Read More

What Does Sustainability Mean in a Sector as Diverse as the Packaging Industry?

26 April 2016
Society, economy and environment undoubtedly have symbiotic relationships, but defining them is complex. Last week, Anthesis and ThePackHub co-hosted an event at the beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens to help representatives from across the... Read More

Harnessing Behavioural Economics to Increase Household Recycling

21 April 2016
At Anthesis we are keen to collaborate with organisations that can support our clients to address their sustainability criteria and strategic plans. We’ve been exploring with European Economics, specialising in economic regulation and the... Read More

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