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Plastics Pact and Circular Economy Package: New Strategies Revealed in the Sustainable Consumption and Production Debate

26 April 2018
The global movement to create a more sustainable world continues to gather pace and rise to the top of both political and business agendas. With so many forums debating the different aspects of sustainable production and consumption, decision... Read More

Tackling the Sustainable Plastic Challenge - PDF Guide

26 March 2018
The sustainable plastic challenge is a topic that is here for the long-term. Since the end of 2017, there have been a wave of pledges and position statements from manufacturers and retailers around their plastic reduction targets. Our guide explores... Read More

Food Waste Capabilities - PDF Guide

06 February 2018
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 32% of all food produced in the world is wasted - equating to an annual loss of around £17 billion.  Read More

The Hidden Key to Improving the Sustainability of Apparel

27 July 2017
Susan Harris takes an inside look on the role of durability of clothing and consumer behavior. Read More

Waste Planning for Public and Private Sectors - PDF Guide

16 March 2017
To gain a deeper insight into the type of waste planning services we specialize in, download our guide.  Read More

Resource Efficiency and Management - PDF Guide

13 March 2017
For resource management companies, procuring waste and recycling contracts is an increasingly competitive and challenging environment. This is the case when procuring in the municipal or commercial and industrial sectors. There are multiple reasons... Read More

Changes in the Wood Waste Market and Closing the Capacity Gap

21 February 2017
To access our report, ‘The UK wood waste to energy market – an Anthesis overview of today’s market, and projections for the future’, please complete our fill-out form here. Read More

Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment Tools - PDF Guide

18 October 2016
Streamlined LCA: Developing a sustainability improvement strategy for products and services Read More

Applying Circularity Principles to the Construction Sector

14 September 2016
Wondering what circular principles, the construction industry and the Paralympics have in common? Claudia Amos explores the links here, and in timely honor of Recycle Week 2016 too. Read More

We’re All Talking Circular (Even If We Don’t Realize It)

03 August 2016
Yesterday, Theresa May chaired the first meeting of a new cabinet committee focused on building “an economy that works for everyone", which will prioritise developing a strong industrial strategy, encouraging innovation, boosting productivity and... Read More
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