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News + Insights

Case Study: Portfolio of Investments Environmental and Social Review

23 February 2018
Reviewing environmental and social aspects of a Portfolio of Investments - download our case study here Client’s objectives Our client, the owner of a public-private partnership investment Fund, was aiming to promote energy efficiency and renewable... Read More

The Slippery Business of Social Impact

13 June 2017
 June’s The Crowd Forum spotlight was on social impact. Our Associate Director Jono Adams hosted a round table on ‘Going beyond the business case’, a discussion which focused on how businesses can transcend traditional business performance measures... Read More

Discovering the hidden value: The role of technology in transforming business

04 January 2017
On 9th January Fiona Place, Andrew Noone and Ben Tuxworth will be attending the first Crowd event of 2017. The theme for the January event is on a “Digital Society”, in her latest blog, Fiona Place, Director at the Anthesis Group reflects on the... Read More

Getting a Handle on Social Value

28 October 2016
Social value, like the circular economy, is a great example of how reframing an old challenge can bring new energy and new solutions. In the past two or three years, the idea that social impacts could be defined, measured, even monetized, has been... Read More

Collecting Supply Chain Sustainability Data – Where To Start?

23 September 2016
Stakeholder pressure from investors, shareholders, customers and nonprofits to push sustainability into the supply chain has significantly increased in recent years, and, at some point, all companies will be asked to report on their supply chain... Read More

The Big Picture of Measuring Sustainability Impacts

09 August 2016
It can be challenging for companies to measure corporate social and environmental impacts, they have impact in many areas, from worker and supply chain welfare, to direct and indirect environmental impact. But what does “positive impact” really... Read More

What will your business look like in 2025?

28 February 2016
As William Gibson the science fiction writer said ' The future is here - it's just not evenly distributed yet'.  And while one of my favourite pastimes is finding pockets of innovation and extrapolating that to how the world might look in 2025, I... Read More

Modern Slavery Statements - PDF Guide

25 November 2015
What is modern slavery? Although slavery has been legally abolished in most countries around the world, it remains a very real issue today; a recent estimate by the Global Slavery Index is that more than 45 million people are in slavery. Modern day... Read More

Tackling Social Sustainability – Managing your Social Footprint and Handprint

09 November 2015
Firstly let’s look at what we mean by social sustainability. Myth buster – social impact is not the same as social value. Social impact is the impact - positive and negative - that a business has on people within the business, in the value chain and... Read More

Modern Slavery Act – how does it impact your business?

20 October 2015
The Modern Slavery Act 2015 tackles the real issue that is modern day slavery: Read More

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