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News + Insights

Chemical Management - Watch the Webinar Recording

17 October 2017
Chemical management is a systematic approach to managing the use of chemicals, hazardous or otherwise, in a business’ supply chain and/or product(s). Chemical management has historically been shaped by regulatory requirements, but increasingly,... Read More

The Impact of REACH on your Organization - Download our Webinar Slides

03 October 2017
What is REACH?  REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals. REACH is a legislative regulation required to produce and sell products in the European Union (EU). The main objectives of REACH are to protect human and... Read More

REACH Substances in Articles – What Does the New Guidance Mean for Article Manufacturers?

14 September 2017
Principal Consultant Adam Wheeler discusses ECHA’s revised ‘Guidance on requirements for substances in articles’ and the next steps for article manufacturers and their suppliers. Read More

Toxic products for sale!

04 August 2017
Costing companies their money, time, and reputation. In her latest blog we hear from Jessica Onyshko, Senior Consultant, on the business value of having a comprehensive Chemical Management in place. Read More

Chemical Management and Compliance - PDF Guide

20 June 2017
There are approximately 100,000–200,000 different chemical substances (including polymers) traded between businesses and in our everyday products. Around 200 of these have already been identified by global regulatory schemes as Substances of... Read More

Dow Jones Sustainability Index Puts New Emphasis on Chemical Management

30 May 2017
In her latest blog, we hear from Jessica Onyshko, Senior Consultant at Anthesis, on the importance of chemical management programs to help businesses remain competitive in the market place. Read More

TSCA reform: New Chemicals

25 April 2017
Implications and Considerations for Manufacturers and Importers Senior Consultant Jessica Onyshko and President of M8, Inc. Leslie MacDougall discuss the TSCA reforms. Read More

Are you Fulfilling your 'Substances of Very High Concern' Obligations?

21 April 2017
Does your business supply furniture, clothes, jewelry, newspapers, plastic packaging, tools or other ‘articles’ in the EU? If so, are you aware that you might have obligations under the European REACH legislation? Read More

Case Study: Target's Chemical Management Policy

22 March 2017
Target has long been a leader in supply chain transparency, products sustainability and responsible chemistry aiming to “sell products with a positive impact on the lives of our guests and communities and to ensure worker and guest safety throughout... Read More

Wake-up Call for the 2018 REACH Registration Deadline [Part 4]

03 March 2017
This is the fourth and final instalment in our series looking at the chemical regulation REACH. Our Senior Regulatory Consultant Ruth Downes continues with the information requirements for a Joint Registration and ensuring that your submission is... Read More

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