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News + Insights

How We Can Take Action Now to Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution

14 December 2017
Despite being invented just over a century ago, we have developed a relationship with plastic on a global scale which is unrivaled by almost any other man-made product. Consequently, vast quantities of plastic are produced each year, totaling up to... Read More

Case Study: Belu Water Organizational and Supply Chain Carbon Footprint

15 August 2017
Supporting Belu Water to conduct an organizational and supply chain carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality - download our case study here   Read More

Case Study: City of Stockholm Inland Waters Valuation

12 April 2017
Valuation of inland waters in Stockholm - download our case study here   Client’s objectives The Swedish capital is internationally well-known for its waters, and the City of Stockholm’s Environment and Health Administration wanted to understand the... Read More

Case Study: Food and Beverage Supplier Water Stewardship Strategy Review

30 January 2017
Conducting a Water Stewardship Strategy review - download our case study here   Read More

Middle East Power and Water Services - PDF Guide

14 November 2016
Demand for new power and water capacity in the Middle East region has grown significantly in the past decade, driven by population growth, economic diversification, and the continued evolution of renewable technologies and diversification of energy... Read More

The Implications of Brexit on Water Management

02 November 2016
As part of a running blog series (view our previous blogs on chemical legislation and waste and the circular economy) we decided to focus on the potential impacts of leaving the EU; in this blog we turn our attention to water. Read More

Implementation, implementation, implementation!

06 September 2016
“It is time to turn political commitments into real action.[1]” These were Margot Wallström’s, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, closing remarks when she spoke during World Water Week last week. And with a future water crisis predicted by 900... Read More

World Water Week: Belu and WaterAid

31 August 2016
In recognition of World Water Week, our client Belu explains Anthesis’ work with them, and their own relationship with key World Water Week contributor, WaterAid: Read More

Water Deregulation in England - PDF Guide

06 July 2016
Water deregulation - whats changing If you didn’t know, deregulation of the water industry in England is coming. This means, as with electricity and gas supply contracts, you will soon be able to choose your own water provider. Read More

The EU Referendum: What's it Mean for Water?

18 April 2016
In the next instalment of our EU referendum series, Andrew Noone, Associate Director at Anthesis, explores the potential impacts on water. Read More

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