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Case Study: Test Rite Environmental Performance Measurement Tool

23 September 2016

Development of a data collection protocol and tool to measure environmental performance - download our case study here


Client’s objectives

Test Rite stands behind its commitment to provide a wide range of home products that are anchored in Ethical Sourcing, Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Best Practices. The company has a range of corporate initiatives in the areas of social contribution, public welfare, and environmental care.

After participating in Walmart’s Sustainability Index in 2014, leaders at Test Rite recognized that they could do more to engage their suppliers and staff in order to improve their commitment to sustainability.

The project

Anthesis supported the implementation and development of a customized supplier data collection protocol and tool that allows Test Rite to measure and report on environmental performance.

Project impacts

Test Rite has increased its Walmart Sustainability Index score from a 20 to a 60 using recommendations from Anthesis, placing the company at the top of its category.

The company is now approaching its supply chain sustainability program as an integrated process. Through this process, the company was able to source quality data on energy use from its suppliers; gain a greater understanding of the chemicals used in its products; identify areas of improvement that will require new practices; and implement an updated supplier code of conduct covering topics such as employee health and safety and sustainability.

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