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The Power of Software Tools for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) - PDF Brochure

18 June 2018

Anthesis’ has a suite of proprietary software solutions. Flexible tools like RiskHorizon™ and Footprinter™ can be leveraged to enable ESG due diligence and metrics tracking and reporting processes, respectively, at both the fund and portfolio company levels.

Footprinter™ - ESG measurement and management

ESG Metrics Tracking and Reporting

Footprinter™ is a complete, comprehensive and integrated platform for ESG measurement and management. The platform’s automated tools are utilized to collect ESG data from across your portfolio companies and assets. Manage the data collection process centrally and keep on top of data quality throughout the process. Roll up and analyze performance, share dashboards with stakeholders and report externally.

Collect and Collate your Data

Use distributed self-validating data entry forms, import and integrate with your systems to collect data. Select standard or develop custom metrics. Design a framework of tags to characterize your data, KPIs and organization. Build your own or link to 3rd-party factor libraries.

Track Process and Manage Quality

Track data collection progress throughout the year. Manage completion and closing with automated reminders. Scan data and results at any time with algorithms to flag issues as early as possible. Estimate data and fill gaps where primary data isn’t available.

Analyze and Report to Stakeholders

Work with your data in real time. Roll up and filter performance using your framework of tags and scenarios. Normalize results and compare to targets. Create charts or tables to view your data as required. Build and share dashboard oriented reports.

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RiskHorizon™ - Assessing ESG risks

ESG Screening Assessments

RiskHorizon™ was created to help deal teams and investors to understand a target’s exposure to ESG risks and opportunities. Fast and efficient, it offers comprehensive ESG scoping and risk screening capability to identify “ESG hotspots” earlier in the due diligence process. A concise executive summary details area for further consideration. The cloud-based platform screens millions of data points across 30 global risks (economic, environmental, technical, social and geo-political), 79 industries and 196 countries.

Outputs from RiskHorizon™ are displayed in a dashboard, which allows the client to:

  • Identify ESG risks/opportunities with the potential to impact the target’s fixed assets, supply chain and/or business model.
  • Reduce transaction costs and time by early identification of potential red flag issues.
  • Demonstrate advances within your ESG Program.
  • Identify potential cost savings and performance improvement opportunities earlier in the process.

Anthesis can then help with deeper analysis to develop an organization’s ESG KPIs, the feasibility and business cases for improvement measures and/or plan for risk management measures post-acquisition.


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